Brushless Wheelchair Hub Motors


Rated Voltage: 24V (DC)
No-load Speed:205RPM
No-load Current:1A
Rated Power:160W
Rated Speed:130RPM
Max Torque:28Nm
Tire dimension:8.5X2.0


Patented Motor

We are the first company worldwide who conquered the difficulty of integrating electromagnetic brake to gearless motor! Current draw of our brushless & gearless motor is 84% of brushless & gear motor and 28% of brush & gear motor. It's much more power-saving, quiet and reliable than any other wheelchair motors on the market!

 Comparison  Efficiency  Noise  Failure Rate  Lifetime
 Brush & Gear Motor  Low  High  High  Short
 Brushless & Gear Motor  Medium  Medium  Medium  Medium
 Brushless & Gearless Motor  High  Low  Low  Long


Why brushless & gearless is so important for wheelchair motor?

Brushless motor has no carbon brush inside, with advantages of less maintenance, improved efficiency, reduced heat and noise. Gearless motor has no transmission gears inside, with advantages of less energy loss, higher efficiency, longer lifetime, extremely quiet and reliable. Currently there are some other brushless wheelchair motors on the market, but all of them are gear motors, only our wheelchair motor is both brushless and gearless. Integrating electromagnetic brake to gearless motor has been a big difficulty in the motor industry, we are the first company worldwide who conquered it after many years of research and development, we proudly own the patent! Brushless & gear motor is with less noise than brush & gear motor, but still not quiet enough. When driving with our brushless & gearless motor, you can hear nothing but breeze! Compare driving sound of brushless & gear motor and brushless & gearless motor (please watch testing video)